Skin by Stefani

Skin by Stefani provides a tranquil relaxing environment that will soothe your every sense. Whether you receive a pampering facial, specialized waxing treatment or a lashing service, you will leave feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, and renewed.

Facials, Eye Lashes, Eye Brows and Waxing Services in Riverside, CA

Signature Facial

Don’t leave our salon without our Signature facial which is top choice of our facials. This facial will dramatically improve the texture of your skin with a deep pore cleansing, conditioning, and moisturizing of your skin that includes extraction of blackheads and other impurities from epidermis.  It will leave your skin radiantly glowing, supple and ready for the world.

Everything Facial

This treatment start with an invigorating Back Facial (30 minutes) which is sure to leave your skin refreshed and ready for summer.  We start with a deep double cleanse incorporating a soothing massage, toner and a custom back masque for each skin type with moist warm towels.  This is followed by our Express Signature Facial which includes cleanse, moisture and soothing facial massage and masque.

Natural Pumpkin and Multi-Fruit Complex Peel

This pumpkin peel may be the best peel available with 30% Glycolic and Lactic acid.  Our pumpkin peel is formulated to deliver a deep exfoliation for the face, allowing acids to effortlessly penetrate congested pores and assist in cell production.  It exfoliates and binds moisture to the skin leaving the skin with a soft, radiant appearance with improved texture as well as softening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Refresh your skin with this non-invasive skin resurfacing treatment.  This treatment will soften fine lines, smooth out your texture, and decrease the appearance of scarring and pore size as well as stimulate collagen production.

Eyelash Extensions

Classic eyelash extensions are applied one by one to your natural lashes.  Your natural lashes will extend and thicken your lashes, making it appear like you have naturally full and long lashes.  Extensions will last up to six weeks with proper care.  Since your natural lashes will fall out every 21-28 days with the natural growth cycle, lash fills should be done every two to four weeks to keep your lashes nice and full.

Riverside Facials Eye Lashes and Body Waxing


Common questions and answers

Waxing FAQ's

Can I bring in my young child (ages 8 or above) for an eyebrow wax?

Absolutely, it’s usually best to start them with just a center of brow wax. I usually will educate the children on what a natural brow show look like and how to take care of them.

I use a prescription topical cream for acne. Can I still get my eyebrows waxed?

You will need to discontinue use of the topical anywhere in and around your eyebrows for at least 2 weeks prior to your appointment, especially if you have been using the product for an extended period of time. Topical acne medications have a tendency to thin out the skin, thus potentially causing issues when waxing. As a rule, you should never be applying right under the brows as this skin is already thin. So please avoid that area. And please remember, always let Skin by Stefani know that you are using any prescription topical medication before he or she waxes you.

Do you wax men?

The waxing services I offer for men are: eyebrows, nose, ears, back and chest.

Eye Tinting FAQ's

How long does the color lasts?

Approximately, 2 to 4 weeks, chlorine and daily use as well as removal of water proof mascara can shorten the life of the color.

Does it sting when you’re applying the color?

It’s possible to feel some discomfort if your eyes water causing the color to seep or during the removal phase. But usually, it’s a very quick and comfortable service.

What if I wear contacts?

You will need to remove your contacts prior to your service.

How do I need to prep for the treatment?

Please come completely make up free. If you wear contacts, they should be removed.

Lash Lift FAQ's

I use a lash serum. Can I get this treatment?

Yes. Some of the most dramatic results we have achieved have been from those using a lash serum. We have a great one that you can purchase.

I have downward-pointing eye lashes, will this be a good treatment for me?

Yes. Anyone with these types of pesky lashes will love the lash lift! Post treatment, your lashes will all be evenly distributed and lifted.

How long does the Eyelash Lift effect last?

Depending on the length and condition of your natural eye lashes, the lash lift can last for 6 to 8 weeks.

I have very short lashes. Am I able to still do a eyelash lift procedure?

Most of the time, yes. Though it can be challenging if the lashes aren’t even long enough to bring up and back on to the shield.

I have glaucoma, can I have a eyelash lift procedure?

Yes, if ever in doubt always consult with your physician.

I have recently had blepharoplasty surgery, is it safe to have a eyelash treatment?

You need to wait at least 1 year from your surgery. It has been my experience with clients who have had this surgery that there is an increased sensitivity in the eye area for quite a while. You need to give yourself that time to heal first. After that, you can consult with your physician to be sure.

I have recently had Lasik surgery, can I have this procedure?

Yes, but you need to wait at least 6 months. As always when in doubt, please consult with your physician.

Is this like lash extensions where they will look dramatically thicker?

Lash extensions and lash lifts are 2 different treatment. Lash Lift does not add any additional lashes to your lashes.

Is there any maintenance?

None at all! You don’t have to do anything special with your lashes in between lifts.

Can I still wear mascara?

Of course! You will just achieve a more dramatic effect when mascara is applied to your curled lashes.

How is this treatment any different than a lash perm?

Some of the lash perms of years past used tiny little rods that produce an inverted curl. Others, used a type of lash curler/clamp which can be uncomfortable and difficult to work with. The methods I employ use silicon domed shields that lift the lashes from the root producing a beautiful uplifted look as if you used a high-quality eyelash curler.

Will this damage my eyelashes?

No. The lifting solutions are only applied to the new growth area of the lashes down towards the base, but never at the ends of the lashes.

Are some lashes resistant to the curl?

I have found on occasion that it is very difficult and sometimes not possible to sustain the curl with lashes that have a strong cowlick or slanted growth pattern. Also, growth patterns due to plastic surgery in the eye area are often not able to be corrected.

Is it Lash Lift painful?

No. At first, when I am applying the shields to the eyelids it may feel a bit strange, but overall it is a very relaxing treatment.

Who is a eyelash lift procedure NOT good for?

Chronic dry eye, conjunctivitis, damaged lashes or lashes with gaps this treatment may make the gaps more noticeable, active eye infections of any kind, Trichotillomania (habitual pulling out of lashes), recent chemo treatments, or pregnancy. When in doubt, always consult with your physician.

Eyelash Extension FAQ's

What type of eyelash extensions do we use?

SBS uses only a high-quality natural synthetic mink.

I am scared the extensions will cause my natural ones to fall out. Are they damaging to my natural lashes? How are they applied?

No! They are not damaging to the natural lashes. The extensions grow out with your natural lashes and will fall out naturally with them. The lashes are applied one to one to your natural lashes. The eyelash stylist will separate one of your natural lashes, then apply glue to the extension and apply one extension to the natural lash, this process is repeated until every one of your natural lashes has an extension on it. Since the extensions are so light you will not feel them on your eyes. They are very comfortable to wear and are very low maintenance.

How long do eyelash extensions last?

The lash extensions can last up to 6 weeks. However, this depends on how well you take care of our lashes. Your natural lashes also play a big role on how long they will last. If you have, naturally full thick lashes then you won’t require frequent fills every 2 to 4 weeks. The lash extensions will fail out when your natural ones do, your natural lashes shed every 21-28 days.

Are eyelash extensions for me?

If you have any of the following conditions, lash extensions are NOT for you. Allergies to acrylates, thyroid problems, alopecia, chemo treatments within the past 6 months to a year, sties on the eyes, cysts on eyes, cataracts, recent eye surgery blepharitis, glaucoma, dry eye syndrome, or pregnant or nursing.

Do you have different lengths, or are all the lashes one size?

SBS has many different thicknesses, curls and lengths. The lashes range from 8mm to 15 mm long. We have .15 classic lashes thickness for lashes. We have B, C D and J curls. We have a complete consultation regarding what type of “look” you are going for, take into consideration the thickness of your natural lashes, condition and length and curl.

Do eyelash extensions hurt?

No not at all. You will not feel anything while the lashes are being applied. Most clients fall asleep during the process because it is very relaxing.

If I have sensitive eyes, can I still have lash extensions applied?

Yes, at SBS we use only the cutting edge and best glues on the market for our clients. We have glues just for sensitive eyes. The only downside is that you may need to get more frequent fills since the sensitive glue only lasts up to 3 weeks while the normal glue lasts up to 6 weeks.

How often do I need to have a fill, how do fills work?

Fills are typically done every 2 to 4 weeks or whenever you feel like you need one. Your eye lashes will fall out at their own rate. Each person is different, some people will need fills every 2 weeks while some can go. Any lashes that are twisted or grown out will be removed and all the gaps will be filled in to make them look new again. Fills take approximately an hour.

How long does it take to have a full set done?

Approximately two hours depending on how many lashes that you have and how long your consultation is.

Do I need to do anything prior to my lash appointment?

Please make sure that all eye makeup is removed with an oil- free makeup remover prior to your appointment time.